Content Editing for your Book

developmental editing, content editing, story development, Zara Altair

Save Your Book with Content Editing

Save your story before you begin. Story outline overview. 1-on-1 consult. Build your sound foundation. Unbiased, thoughtful attention to your book concept. Custom-written, no-negativity review with remedy suggestions.

Non-Fiction – Overall Structure and Method
Overall flow, clarity, and consistency
Voice and reader connection
Missing points and their remedies
Reader impact – will reader learn/be inspired, etc.
Chapter benefit to overall manuscript

Fiction – Overall Structure and Story Flow
Story arc
Character development & integrity
Believability & flow of dialogue
Plot – twists, pace, suspense, plausibility
Show vs. tell
Genre tropes met
Story essence

Rewritten book outline incorporating suggestions
Mid-Manuscript live consultation
Monthly manuscript development consultations

Bulletproof your book idea. Save hours of rewrite time.

Tell me about your book. Let’s get started.

Zara Altair

503 468 7008


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