10 Types Of Villains To Turn Up The Badass Factor In Your Screenwriting

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Here at Gideon’s screenwriting tips, I’m always looking for inventive ways for screenwriters to create different classes of villains. Are they merely the bad guys (or gals) or antagonists?

While villains are generally involved with negative behavior, this isn’t always true. They are however, directly responsible for obstructing the main character’s goal.

Sometimes their causes are noble and justified, while other times they are pure evil. It’s worth examining the backstories of your villains to give them a song motivation for their actions.

Let’s explore some different types of villain you can use in your screenplays:


These are the Lex Luthers of the film world. These villains have no sense of morality. They are cold, selfish, emotionless and unrelenting in their pursuit of death and destruction. This type of villain is sometimes called The Dark Lord. There is no grand plan, just the desire to cause mayhem. Lord…

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