DC Comics tweeted: Help the DC Collectibles Facebook page hit 275k Likes before SDCC and they’ll reveal more product at their panel!

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DC Comics ico_verified-1407009642236.png
Help the DC Collectibles Facebook page hit 275k Likes before SDCC and they’ll reveal more product at their panel! on.fb.me/1FpNVoP
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The Script Lab ico_verified-1407009642236.png
David Fincher "f-ing" gets it. #Filmmaking
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Criterion Collection ico_verified-1407009642236.png
Check out the brand new @janusfilms Films​ trailer for Les Blank’s A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON:
E2Q-WITb_normal.png Vimeo
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Warner Bros. ico_verified-1407009642236.png
The cast of #LoveandBasketball celebrate 15 years. #FBF twitter.com/TMZ/status/612…
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Image Comics
Can you answer this Jeopardy question? bit.ly/1Gazp5O
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malcolm spellman
A lot of the top screenwriters dont intellectualize the process much at all. They just write & try to be as awesome as they can. That simple
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7PTPehBx_reasonably_small.jpeg Followed by Final Draft.
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