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Write on. #Screenwriting #AmWriting
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Script Magazine
Julie Bush Transcript – April 26, 2015: Julie Bush @julie_bush (THE DISH, SONS OF ANARCHY) gue… via #scriptchat
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Franklin Leonard
Wow. Just wow.…
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BFh5DlTU_reasonably_small.jpeg 7PTPehBx_reasonably_small.jpeg 1Te5LEGe_reasonably_small.jpeg Followed by Writers Guild West, Final Draft and The Black List.
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Cecily Strong: "Repeat after me, journalists. I solemnly swear to not talk about Hillary’s appearance."… #WHCD
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BFh5DlTU_reasonably_small.jpeg 7PTPehBx_reasonably_small.jpeg Followed by Writers Guild West and Final Draft.
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These are all over the beach in Malibu. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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#AvengersAgeOfUltron: Hundreds of German Theaters Boycotting Marvel Film #Avengers
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f502dbcfcc74412c871c93f63f3d121b_reasonably_small.jpeg BFh5DlTU_reasonably_small.jpeg 7PTPehBx_reasonably_small.jpeg Followed by Zara Altair, Writers Guild West and Final Draft.
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