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Theodora. Detail from the 6th-century mosaic &...
Theodora. Detail from the 6th-century mosaic “Empress Theodora and Her Court” in the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writers think even when they can’t be writing. It’s been an eventful sabbatical: surgery, recovery, two moves and a permanent home, at last. Writing projects took a back seat but I never stopped thinking about them.

Thank you to all the loyal followers who stayed with me with tweets, comments and visits to the Facebook page.

When my mind goes adventuring and does a crawl through various topics at lightening speed, somehow it lands on a core issue of a project: a character, a plot point, a theme.

From the notebook:

Good authors too who once knew better words,

Now only use four letter words

Writing prose, Anything Goes.

Cole Porter

Children ask, “Why is blue blue?”

This week I’ve been thinking how does a writer create the core of a fictional character?  Is that the obverse of physics and spirit?  Prompted to think that this is the solid that represents the spirit.  Like the appeal of clear colored glass, a solid, you can see through.

Berlusconi says, “Now the danger of communism lives again?” It died? But what is the danger?  When did communism disappear?  And unlike in the U.S. being a communist is a viable stance in  Europe.

My favorite graffiti ever found written by several hands on a wall in Firenze/Florence:

i communisti

i fascisti

i communisti

i fascisti

i communisti

i fascisti

Talk about subtext! What has this got to do with underage women who accept money from politicians? And perhaps we will forget all of this if we think about communism.(?)

But, then, Theodora was an entertainer whom the “Catholic” church has whitewashed into a wool spinner who had “repented” (is this metanoia/turning toward God?)  But then, of course, this church is heretical to the “original” one, true (Eastern) Orthodox Church of which she was a stalwart champion…publically.  But there was no split then…sort of…there was the “Pope” in Rome which wasn’t the center of the “Roman” world and there was the Patriarch in Constantinople which was the center.  Back to Berlusconi: and what is the moral ground of an octogenarian who pays underage women to…well we don’t exactly know why he gave her money.  Maybe he’s telling the truth/Truth.  It was nothing.

And so…I’m thinking about Justinian and Theodora.

Keep writing!


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