Sabbatical for this Blog

Dear friends,
In July two life-changing events occurred. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my vehicle was hit by someone racing through a red light in a truck.
My Volvo S 80 saved my life. But my sternum was severely bruised which curtailed activity for a number of weeks.

In addition, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And after MRI biopsies more was discovered. Surgery was September 7. So far, I am healing. I await test results for further treatment recommendations.

These events caused me to prioritize how I spend my time. Life is short. Writing is my main vocation. With this in mind I will be working on pursuing my writing career. I have two scripts due by the end of the year. Also, I want to spend time on an unfinished novel.

I will not be posting with any regularity for at least six months.

Do not worry. I will still be accepting scripts for analysis. So if you want feed back be sure to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration and all the comments.

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