Write in increments: tackle parts of the whole

Theater Festival 7
Theater Festival 7 (Photo credit: Niels Linneberg)

The outline is the key to writing your story. I am currently working on a script with a co-writer. Since we both know the outline we can plug in scenes no matter where in the story. We are building the story scene by scene but not necessarily written in sequence.

Each increment we write adds to the script. We can build off each other’s scenes.

However great this is for co-writers it works equally well for an individual as well. The outline is the structural frame. You may feel like working on the villain one day, or building the love interest side story. It doesn’t matter which scene you write because the entire story is framed.

You can concentrate on the scene elements– tension and conflict, dialogue, subtext, etc.—that make a strong scene.

When life seems to intrude on hours of writing time, having the outline is a way to focus on one small part of your story. You may not have hours and hours to write but you can work on one small part of the story. Small increments build to a finish and that’s what you want—to complete your story.

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