Puppies and other time challenges

A 3 month old border collie
Image via Wikipedia

At some time, your devotion to writing will be tested…perhaps more than once:  a move, a wedding, a new child, a home disaster, the death of a loved one. Planned or unplanned these life intrusions may lure you away from your writing time.

In my case, I have a new puppy and not only is he a puppy, he’s a Border Collie with amazing amounts of energy that need expended under direction.. The first two weeks it felt like a 24/7 job. When he had a nap time, I was ready for a nap, not sitting down to write. He has been with me two and a half weeks and we are getting down to a schedule. During that time, I made notes, and more notes, but did not do very much writing. A sentence or two a day was a grand achievement.

The challenge is to continue writing, even if it is that one sentence a day. When the time challenge ends, you will have accomplished small steps.

The continued small steps during the “crisis” time with keep you motivated and help you pick up and get back into your regular schedule to continue one to completion.

We do not live in a bubble. As the vernacular goes: life happens. Just don’t let life knock you off the writing track.

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