The outline as a lifesaver

For the past two weeks, I have had a problem with my home which required hours of time, interactions with pompous and inefficient “service” personnel, canceled appointments, etc. I have been distracted. Performing a multitude of tasks left me little time for writing.


I called my co-writer to tell him I was way behind on finishing the basic outline for a current script. During the conversation he told me he was reworking the outline for a script his is writing with another writer: moving scenes, deleting scenes, etc. We chatted a bit about the benefit of the outline which saves time writing scenes which are later deleted because of story structure. It is a lot easier to delete a scene in an outline rather than delete precious words after they are written.


When I finally took a look at the outline today, I could clearly see some gaps in the story. I started filling in missing pieces. I did not have to reread an entire script just to get into the story.


Life happens much to the dismay of writers. The outline is a lifesaver when it comes to getting back into the story after all-consuming distractions.


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