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Write your first synopsis before you begin the script. After you have written every possible scene on 3×5 cards, shuffled and come to your decision, and after you have entered those scenes in sequence in your story plot spreadsheet you can begin writing a synopsis. This process solidifies the entire story in your head and in black and white.

Look at the first scene on the spreadsheet. What happens? Who is there? What time is it? Where are we? Then write a brief narrative description of the action. Write the flavor of the scene. Remember all those ideas you had when you first envisioned the scene.

No dialogue here, you are writing narrative. Write the essence of the scene. What is the emotional pull?

Not so hard, a couple of sentences.

Now do that in sequence of each of the scenes in the spreadsheet, in order.

You will end up with approximately ten pages that tell the story.

Now you are ready to write the screenplay. Go to your software of choice, refer to the synopsis and start writing the scene.

If you have done all the work that comes before, the actual writing of the script should flow along on your first draft.

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