Subplot takeover: Mapping the plot beforehand helps

I am currently reading a book with a multiple plot format with many characters accomplishing different goals all headed toward the same objective. It doesn’t matter what book, or who the famous and well-respected author is; what matters is that two of the characters in a subplot are the most intriguing, charming and interesting. I care about them more than the main characters.


You’ve probably had the experience of writing a character into a story only to find that character trying to take over.  You can prevent much of this happening by creating a story outline before you start writing actual scenes. The process of writing the logline, the outline and a synopsis will help you keep your story on track and prevent minor characters from outshining your protagonist.


When you go through the process of planning the writing will go more quickly and more smoothly. Minor characters will have a role in the story but the outline will keep them from taking over.


Making an outline or writing a synopsis does not sound “creative” but these steps are what makes the difference between a professional and someone who wants to be a professional. The work makes a difference.

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