The terrible writer’s day: When nothing you write seems good

This morning I woke up thinking about the current stories in progress.  This is not unusual. But, today, I woke up not liking any of them.  Garbage. Trash. What am I doing writing? The usual it all sucks thoughts that come from time to time.

If you are a new writer I want to prepare you: these days happen. Writing is a process and this is part of the process.

I stopped thinking about scripts. I spent the day emptying two cupboards into boxes. Moving the boxes. Moving the cupboards outside in readiness for a yard sale next weekend.

This is not the oft-mentioned writer’s block. I’m not certain what that is. This is just a day when I do not have a rational perspective on my writing. These days happen.

The best thing is to do is physical activity that has nothing to do with the script.  No going back to check the outline. No trying to tidy up a scene. No character background. No writing.

That’s it. Not writing is the best cure for the day when you feel your writing isn’t up to snuff.

The best cure is to do something else.

Hey…gotta go. I have just the right dialogue for that second scene…

4 thoughts on “The terrible writer’s day: When nothing you write seems good

  1. Yes sure a great post as usual Zara. We definitely all face these moments, like waves of our inner relation to stories. But I guess the worst these times, the more we get in touch with our stories, the deeper we grow as human beings, the better the script we’ll be. Wich means you’re going to write something beautiful. As usual : ) And thanks again for your blog and posts. Your dedication, shared knowledge and above all your permanent call for production and efficient work is a light for all of us.


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