Stay true to your writing self: Limit distractions

It’s Sunday and on my to-do list is Film Courage at noon, followed by #scriptchat  (U.K.)on twitter and later, again, #scriptchat in the U.S. Meanwhile, I have to:


  • troubleshoot the sound system on my computer (inadvertently turned off by a Windows hiccup) which resulted in nil the past two days.
  • Oh, pay bills, and work on tax reporting.
  • Read background research material for a scene.
  • Write this week’s blog.
  • Start this month’s newsletter.
  • Finish outline for new screenplay.
  • Read and note more of novel for adaptation.


I need to prioritize each of these tasks.


Amazingly enough Ryan Koo of No Film School who has been phenomenally successful talked today on Film Courage about limiting the time spent online with twitter chats, emails, etc. He suggested choosing one time a day, or week when you work with these social media tools so that the bulk of energy is focused on your work.


For writers networking is important both in person and online.  But the most important job a writer has is…writing.


I use my “external hard drive” (Daytimer notebook) to block out time for writing first, and then work prioritize other activities. Phones and computers have software for this. Phones get lost, computers crash. I use the notebook. My personal preference.


Morning coffee and emails. No.  Morning coffee and your story. Yes. Do the social contacts after your writing.


Writers write.  The story is first priority.

O.K. Blog done. 😉

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