The Pipeline: The writer’s vein of gold


Today a novelist posted that he always wondered what he would do the first day after he finished his first novel. He started his second novel. But you don’t have to wait to start your next story.  You can fill the pipeline while you finish your story.

For the past several days I have been ill with fever and chills, wheezles and sneezles.  I have accomplished a great deal of sleeping but no writing.

But during semi-lucid hours I was able to read background research material—briefly—and take notes.  I found the perfect central character around which a story which had been on the back burner for a year could come alive.

By the fifth day—today—I had taken idea and story notes for four different stories, including the new screenplay for which I signed a contract at the beginning of the week.

All this is just to say don’t let your ideas sit idle.  Jot them down. Carry your notebook and have it by your bed. Stack 3×5 cards here and there including a pocket in your shirt or purse.

Even when you are under the weather, ideas generate. Don’t wait to finish one story before you generate ideas for the next.

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