The End Goal: Production

Just as you write your logline before you begin your story, and just as you know your ending before you write the first scene, you need to remember that your end goal is to have your story produced and distributed.

Why should you be thinking about this?  Because you want to write a script that sells.

What can you do to keep this in mind as your write?  Follow basic precepts of scriptwriting.

  1. Three act structure with a beginning, middle and end.
  2. Know where your beats are and adjust the timing within the story.
  3. Write toward your end with every scene headed in that direction.
  4. If your story goes off course, go back to your outline with the beats and adjust your course.
  5. Aim for your logline because it is your very first selling tool.
  6. Know your audience and write for them.
  7. Above all, write the very best story you are capable of writing.

When you aim for a professional level, you have a mindset that drives your work.  Gear that mindset toward the industry.  Eventually you have to come out of your writing space and sell your script.

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