Collaboration: Gain Experience and Strength

Collaboration is a way to build your strength as a story writer and to gain experience in the industry.  You may be looking at less money but you gain experience and credit.

If you are a beginning screenwriter you may want to investigate opportunities to collaborate with another writer to build your skills.

Benefits accrue through this experience.

  1. You are not alone. You can bounce ideas off someone else and you can listen to your collaborator‘s ideas.
  2. Practice professionalism by standing up for your ideas and making concessions. The industry demands a professional attitude about changes and rewrites. Collaboration is a great way to practice these skills before you work with the producer, the line producer, the actors, etc.
  3. Your weaknesses are balanced by another’s strength. If you are honest with yourself about your talents, you can build on your weaknesses with the help of another writer who has converse skills.
  4. Experience working with others in the industry. Through your networking and your collaborator’s network, you gain contacts in the industry.
  5. Can cut rewrite time in half.  Your working relationship involves constant feedback. You are able to make more changes as the script progresses.
  6. Between the two of you when it comes time to market the script you will have double the number of contacts.
  7. You have fun and make a new friend.

If the concept of collaboration appeals, you have two main ways to find a collaborator. Look for opportunities to co-write through your personal and online networking.  If you are currently working on a script you can ask another writer to team up.

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