Writers Write: No excuses.

Painting The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins
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Plot, character, story structure, beats, inciting incident, climax, resolution, mid-point, dialogue, scene.  Many components make up the whole of your story.  Trying to consciously juggle all the parts while you are writing can slow you down or, even worse, keep you from writing.  All of this can be overwhelming.

Searching blogs (OK, thanks for stopping by), checking tweets, browsing Facebook, etc. for the best writing tips only goes so far.  The bottom line is: writers write.

So, do your character development, do your research, give your story an outline and then—write.  Write badly (it’s the first draft, it’s OK), just write.  Get the story down.  Revising the outline, thinking about the scene and other intellectual activities do not get the story written.

Make certain that the time you spend writing is more than the time you spend online.  It is easy to get sidetracked by information.  If you are a writer your first priority is writing.

And, of course, keep writing.

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