Rewrite: The time to dig deep

Double Check
Image by MacGeekGrl via Flickr

Many beginning writers go back through the story after they finish the first draft to craft new sentence structure and enhance word use.  Although this work helps as a polish, it is not the first action when considering your revisions.

Dig deep.  Begin with the story. There’s no sense in polishing the words if the story itself needs fixing. Start with the structure .  Then make certain that each scene is complete within itself.

Present your audience/reader with an unforgettable conflict.  Escalate the difficulties and obstructions as your story builds.

Go back to your outline and make sure it is the best expression of the vision of your story.

Remember when you wrote your logline?  You used it to double check your story as you were writing.  Now go back and check again that your story is on track.  Is it time to cut scenes that do not move the story not only forward but in the direction of your premise?

Do story problems exist that need to be solved?  Make certain you have tied up every single loose end.

Unlike writing the story which goes off the creative juices, revision and rewriting is cold, slow, hard work. But, it is part of the process of getting your story to the professional (selling) level.  If you want professional pay, you need to do the work.

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