The Final Check: Make sure your story works before you send it off.

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You’ve finished your screenplay/manuscript and you are very excited. You are so excited you want to send it off. Right now.  Before you send it off, double check that your story works.

You want to look at what you already have to make it read the best it can.  The story is the foundation.  How do you check your story?

Go through the plot points to make sure you provide meaning beneath the surface.  It may be a long time since you reviewed the plot points.  The story often shifts as you write.  Without a strong structure your strong writing, your snappy dialogue are just that but not a story.

It doesn’t matter which plot structure you use for this exercise.  For the sake of brevity we’ll use the traditional story structure.

Write a sentence for each plot point.

  • Opening
  • Inciting Incident
  • Act 1 turning point
  • Mid Point
  • Act 2 turning point
  • Crisis
  • Climax
  • Resolution
  • Final page

If you are able to write a sentence for each plot point, go on to work on any other revisions.

If you find a plot point missing, you need to look at building the story structure so that all that fine writing and dialogue will work within a strong story.

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