The First 10 Pages Contest has a Winner.

Timothy J. Smith is the winner of The First 10 Pages Contest for his entry “Cooper’s Promise.”

You can read a synopsis of the entire story here:

The script scored high in all the valuation areas:

  • Premise
  • Plot Structure
  • Pacing
  • Characters
  • Dialog
  • Marketability
  • Conflict

Congratulations Timothy!

This is not the first win for “Cooper’s Promise.”  Other awards include First Place, Hollywood Screenwriting Institute 2007; First Place for Original Drama, Houston WorldFest 2006; and Top 10%, Nicholl Fellowships for Screenwriting 2006.

The 10 Semi-Finalists

  1. Farewell, Shell Island Jason Briker, Sci/Fi
  2. A Message for Martinez, Larry N. Stouffer, Action/Adventure
  3. Fishtown, Jerry Jennings, Drama
  4. Killing Variola Major, Kim P. Wells, Drama
  5. Abduction at Dawn, Dennis Murphy, Action/Adventure
  6. Secrets of Men, George Covic, Comedy
  7. Hero Island, George Covic, Thriller
  8. Pâtisserie, Michael Whatling, Drama
  9. Fallen Idols, Tom Milano, Drama

10.  Blood and Fire, Karl Larsson, Drama

All scripts were read blind.  Each submission was read several times. Thanks to all the entrants who submitted a wide variety of interesting, fun scripts.

Key points to review in the first pages of your script:

For the lead characters:

What is the first action she does?  Give it some zest and make it entertaining.

What is the first line of dialog?  Make it pop.  Grab reader/audience attention with the very first words they say.

How is the character introduced?  This is the one place in screenwriting were you may tell.  In other words you can give us an overall attitude or a driving motivation.

Triple and quadruple check for typos and grammar.

Your aim is to make the story grab and hold from the very first page.

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