Getting Attention for Your Script: The Script Trailer

Yesterday, I was one of many writers attending Ellen Sandler’s workshop Developing An Original TV Pilot at The Writers Store in Burbank, CA.  She is holding another workshop on January 15 During the day we learned many practical tips and exercises for development.  Ellen is a great teacher; she gives practical examples along with wisdom from the industry.


At the end of the day she talked about getting your pilot—or any other piece—attention if you are starting out.  She mentioned several avenues:  connecting with other writers (the best way), connecting with people in the industry, connecting.  She mentioned producing a short piece of your script as a way to invest in your career as a very good way to introduce your writing.


Among the participants were people from across the nation who had traveled explicitly for the workshop.  Not living in the Los Angeles area makes it harder to connect with people in the industry on a regular face-to-face basis.  However, a DVD can go anywhere.


With that suggestion in mind I want like to point out that one of the Grand Prize choices in The First 10 Pages contest is an additional $500 toward the making of a script DVD. The Motion Picture Company is ready to help you create your script DVD.  If you choose this prize you will have two industry individuals contributing to furthering your writing career—The Story Bodyguard and The Motion Picture Company.


Consider your script trailer as a serious option for getting your writing in front of people who matter.

4 thoughts on “Getting Attention for Your Script: The Script Trailer

  1. Contest closes midnight January 15, 2011. Judging in the following month. Winning announcement February, 20, 2011. So, if by January 15 the sum total is less than $25,000 in the last three years. The entry is eligible.


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