Hedge-trimming for Writers: Leave your writing and come back renewed

First an apology for the technical glitch at the First Ten Pages Contest.  A couple of people notified me that the entry form was not responding.  The error has been fixed.  I apologize for any inconvenience for those who attempted to enter the contest.  Everything is now working.


In graduate school I learned many scholarly attributes:  how to do research, how to prepare papers, how to survive oral examinations complete with jokes.  I also learned about hedge trimming for writers.


My graduate advisor came in to one seminar and told us he had spent the afternoon trimming the hedge.  OK, so?  He went on to explain that he was stuck in his writing.  He had discovered over the years that physical activity; in this case, hedge trimming gave him a break from writing, freed his mind, got his body moving and freed up his mind.  When he returned to writing later in the day he found that he had resolved his problem and went on to continue writing until it was time to lead our seminar.


Today, I was tired from being up late last night working on the technical issue.  I have a writing project with a near deadline and was unhappy with the scene I was writing.  I couldn’t seem to make it work.  The dialog was flat, the characters were talking not interacting.  Ugh!


I realized that I had been glued to the computer for the past several days.  Hedge trimming time!  I got up went out and did some weeding in the garden and the first winter pruning. OK I’m in southern California so let’s just call it pruning.


When I came back to my computer not only did I know I needed to trash the scene by I had the replacement action scene in my mind.  All I needed to do was write.


Here’s to good physical breaks!


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