Inception: Draw me into the story first.

OK, boys and girls, I don’t get it.  I saw Inception a couple of weeks ago because I am a science fiction fan and because I thought Memento was brilliant.  (Yep, I’m one of those.)  But, number one at the box office for three weeks?  I just don’t get it.

Lots of money spent here: sets, visual effects, etc.  But the story and, therefore, the film is just barely OK.  Not mathematical sets–intentional or not, conscious or not—like Memento.  The acting was OK.  I think the story idea in original concept is intriguing, but the execution seemed to hinge on special effects and sometimes seemingly arbitrary scene cuts.

Instead of being involved in the story, I was at some intellectual distance throughout the film.  This works for me on the second or third viewing but not the first.  In the first viewing I want the story to draw me in.  Otherwise, it’s just an intellectual exercise.  Memento worked.  Inception doesn’t.

Science Fiction, dreams, confusion, disorientation, drawing me in:  A Scanner Darkly worked.  Inception did not.

Anyone want to explain this success to me?

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