Prompt Ideas from the Notebook: Feel free to play with them.

Something is wrong with my body.  I’m waiting for lab results. Pain is a system override so trying to think is difficult.

Some recent prompts from the notebook.

It’s official in any language. From the Italian dictionary word of the day:

Giovedì, 24 Giugno 2010
La parola di oggi è: tonto / imbranato / nerd

La pronuncia sonora della parola del giorno è disponibile all’indirizzo

[vc. ingl., di etim. discussa ☼ 1988]
s. m.
e f. inv.
· Giovane intelligente, appassionato di computer e tecnologie, talora dall’aspetto goffo, imbranato, spec. nei rapporti con l’altro sesso.

This cracked me up.

My friend says, “There goes a man in the middle of his career.”  Shiny brown tasseled loafers, gray slacks, white dress shirt with no tie.  A swagger.  Looking for more.

Feel free to play with these.

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