The Winner is…

The judges have chosen the winner in the Victor Villaseñor First Sentence Contest.  We are all voracious and diverse readers.  We each have definite opinions.  We had a long process coming to a decision.

First we eliminated sentences with incorrect grammar.  Then we eliminated sentences that didn’t meet the guidelines in some way: dated after the year 2000 or not a mystery, thriller, or action story.  Then…we haggled.  Two judges had two sentences in the top two places but in opposite order.  Thinking of Victor Villaseñor, we finally decided that beauty of language counts as a final sort.

There were a handful of sentences that came very close.  We want to honor those sentences by including them here and naming the authors.

I knew from the get go that there was something wrong with that snowman.  Peter Merritt

I have often imagined how I would die but the possibility of breathing my last on a lonely highway with a dead Japanese man in my car had never crossed my mind.  Kshama Chhapkhanawalla

Three different, yet, felonious fathers, bedded one multifarious mother, conceiving three ill-gotten brothers–the butcher, the baker, the license plate maker.  John Carver

Here goes nothing.  David Boyne

Our final choice was the intriguing and well-constructed sentence by Michelle Adams.

We don’t know how the leopard got on the roof of Uncle Winn’s cabin, only that we couldn’t get the damned thing down and it was starting to rain.

Congratulations to Michelle!

Keep writing!

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