Reading for Life: The Gift of World Views

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It is Mother’s Day here in the United States with all the supreme attendant marketing that has gone out for the past several weeks.  Our family gives these days a quiet nod.  We like to love each other any time on any day for numerous reasons.

My daughter lives overseas in the UK.  We talk on the phone about once a week.  Last week she was telling me about the books she is reading while she takes a break from Les Bienveillantes. ( or, where I purchased ).  Breaks from this dark narrative are understandable.

I called her back the next day.  What kind of Mommy would bring a copy of Les Bienveillantes to her daughter and say, “Read this.”?  I found room for the large book in my small suitcase and brought it to her.  Her reply was, “But I am an adult.  Plus, I think your title translation The Do-Gooders is much better than the published Kindly Ones.”

From my son who lives in the NorthWest I’ve read The Bridge of Birds and Soldier in the Mist . He started the rest of us on many, many Neal Stephenson books.  And a reversal when I read Anathem after he had stopped reading Stephenson.  “No, no. It really does have an ending…of sorts” I encouraged.

Family visits usually involve an instant book exchange where the visitor “reads fast” something in the library before the sojourn ends.  And, likewise, the book in the carry-on that isn’t quite finished disappears for the length of the visit and is resumed on the journey home.

The books mentioned here may or may not be your cup of tea.

All of this is just to say I am a fortunate Mom.  I hope your family exchanges are as blessed as mine.

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