Writer’s Block: Myth or Reality?

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When I was a girl, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and my Mom would be struggling away with a sewing project.  “What’s wrong, Mommy?”  “I can’t get the interfacing to fit?”  Did we chastise her with sewer’s block?  I, myself, have struggled with the same reverse of the reverse at two in the morning.

When I worked in the financial world I would make calculations for my clients with spreadsheets and projections to help them plan their financial future.  I sat down at eight in the morning and hit a snag at four in the afternoon; suddenly none of the numbers would make sense.  I had no objectivity.  Did my colleagues chastise me with numbers operation block?

The answer to both questions is an uncategorized, “No.”

My Mom would fold up her work and go to bed.  She would wake up the next morning and all of the pieces fit together.  I would go outside for a walk.  I would come back and all the numbers would sort into reasonable projections.

Dave Trottier, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible, recently wrote a humorous look at so-called writer’s block for Script Magazinehttp://www.keepwriting.com/tsc/block.htm Feel good about yourself, take a look, and chuckle.

I find that on most occasions when I am stuck with a scene in my story, I need to go back to the planning process.  I take a few 3×5 cards with me for a walk on the beach and come up with a list of possible conflict obstacles for the protagonist.  By the time I get back, my story has clicked into place.

Next time you think you have a block in writing, go back to the planning process and add details.  I find this works for me.  That way you can keep writing.

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